How to connect to Palworld with LightNode VPS?

By LightNode ·

Introduction for Palworld

Palworld is a brand-new, multiplayer, open-world survival crafting game where you can befriend and collect mysterious creatures called "Pal" in a vast world! Make your Pals fight, build, farm, and work in factories.

LightNode offers Palworld app mirroring, just buy the server and enjoy Palworld games without installation. Next I will show you how to play Palworld using LightNode servers.

Step to connect to Palworld

  1. Buy VPS from LightNode.

  2. Copy the IP address with one-click.

copy ip address

  1. Start the game and choose "Join Multiplayer Games".

join the game

  1. Paste the IP and add the port like "you_ip_address:8211", then click "Connect".


Now, you can enjoy Palworld.

  1. If you want to change the parameters in the games, you can check this article: How to Edit Palworld Server Setiings


Do all LightNode regions have Palworld images?

At the moment, we only support Palworld images in some regions,including Washington, Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Jakarta, Sao Paulo, Hanoi, Marseille, Kuala Lumpur, Mexico, Manila, Bangkok and Kathmandu. And other regions will be opened later.

How to edit Palworld server settings with LightNode server?

If you want to change the Palworld configurations, you can check this article: How to edit Palworld server setiings?

What to do if the game gets stuck?

There are still problems with the game's optimization at this stage, and it's best to restart the servers once in a while, or else it will easily cause the game to lag. We provide a simple control panel, you don't need to connect to the server, just log in to our console to reboot the server.

How much RAM does Palworld server need?

It depends on how many people you're planning to play with. If it's just a handful of people, then 8GB RAM will be sufficient.