How to Install DirectAdmin on Ubuntu 22.0?

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Install DirectAdmin on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

DirectAdmin is a web hosting control panel software, similar to cPanel, that helps in managing websites hosted on a server. It provides a graphical interface to simplify website hosting and server management tasks. DirectAdmin is known for its speed and efficiency, offering features like creating and managing email accounts, domains, web services, and databases. It also includes tools for system and user-level backups, DNS management, and more. Designed for ease of use, DirectAdmin is suitable for both beginners and experienced administrators, streamlining the management of web hosting environments. This article will introduce how to install DirectAdmin on Ubuntu 22.0.

install DirectAdmin

Step 1: Update System Packages

First, ensure your system is up-to-date.

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

Step 2: Install Dependencies

Install required packages like wget, gcc, g++, and others.

sudo apt install wget gcc g++ make flex bison openssl libssl-dev ...

Step 3: Download and Install DirectAdmin

Download and execute the setup script. You will need to enter details like license ID and hostname.

cd /usr/local/src
chmod 755

Step 4: Post-installation Configuration

Firewall Setup

Configure the firewall to allow DirectAdmin to operate.

sudo ufw enable
sudo ufw allow 2222
sudo ufw allow 80
sudo ufw allow 443

SSL Configuration

Secure your DirectAdmin with SSL.

sudo apt install certbot python3-certbot-apache
sudo certbot --apache --agree-tos --redirect --hsts --staple-ocsp --email YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS -d YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME

Step 5: Access DirectAdmin

Access your DirectAdmin panel at https://YOUR_SERVER_IP:2222.


  1. What is DirectAdmin?
    DirectAdmin is a web-based hosting control panel designed to make it easier to manage web servers.

  2. Can DirectAdmin be installed on any OS?
    DirectAdmin is primarily designed for Unix-like operating systems, with strong support for various Linux distributions.

  3. Does DirectAdmin support multiple languages?
    Yes, DirectAdmin offers multi-language support, making it accessible to a global user base.

  4. How does DirectAdmin compare with cPanel?
    DirectAdmin is often considered more lightweight and faster than cPanel, but with a slightly less intuitive interface.

  5. Is DirectAdmin suitable for beginners?
    While DirectAdmin is powerful, it has a steeper learning curve compared to some other control panels, making it more challenging for beginners.

  6. Can I manage multiple domains with DirectAdmin?
    Yes, DirectAdmin allows you to manage multiple domains and websites from a single interface.