How to Transfer Files to VPS Server (with WinSCP)

By LightNode ·

Transferring files from your computer to a VPS server is a common task. This guide will walk you through the process using the popular tool, WinSCP.


  • Ensure you have downloaded and installed WinSCP.

Steps to Transfer Files

1. Setting Up WinSCP

  • Launch WinSCP.
  • Choose the SFTP protocol.
  • Input your VPS's public IP into the Host name field.
  • Enter your User name and Password.
  • The default port is 22. If you're unable to connect, it might be due to your VPS's firewall settings. Some VPS providers only open a limited number of ports by default. In such cases, you'll need to open port 22 and try again.
  • Optionally, save your session details for quicker access in the future. Click the Save button and provide a name for the session.
  • Click Login to establish a connection.

Install WinSCP

2. Uploading Files

  • Once connected, you'll see the content of the default remote directory in the remote file panel.
  • Navigate to the desired directory if you wish to upload files to a different location.
  • Drag and drop local files onto the remote file panel. A transfer settings dialog may appear. Typically, there's no need to change any settings. Click Copy to start the transfer.
  • After the upload completes, you'll see your files in the remote directory.

Uploading files


1. Q: Why can't I connect to my VPS server using WinSCP?

A: There could be several reasons, but a common issue is related to the VPS's firewall settings. Some VPS providers only open a limited number of ports by default. Ensure that port 22 (the default for SFTP) is open. If you're still facing issues, double-check your IP, username, and password.

2. Q: How can I save my connection details for future sessions in WinSCP?

A: After entering your connection details (IP, username, password), before clicking Login, you can click the Save button. This allows you to save the session details, so you don't have to re-enter them every time you want to connect.

3. Q: Can I upload multiple files or entire folders at once using WinSCP?

A: Yes, you can. Once connected, simply drag and drop multiple files or entire folders from your local directory to the remote file panel in WinSCP. The transfer settings dialog will appear, and you can proceed with the upload.


Transferring files to a VPS server using WinSCP is straightforward. Always ensure the security of your connection, especially when working with sensitive data. Consider exploring other tools and methods to find the one that best suits your needs.