How to modify Palworld configurations with LightNode Palworld server?

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Modify Palworld Configurations with panel

  1. Visit “youripAddress:48211” in your browser;

visit panel

  1. Follow the prompts to modify the parameters;

  2. Save Configurations;

save configurations

  1. Visit LightNode console and reboot the VPS;


  1. Visit LightNode console and close the port 48211.

It's very important to close the port 48211 for security, you need to open this port only when you need to change the configuration.

For more tutorials, please check How to close port in LightNode console?

  1. Use "youripAddress:8211" to connect to Palworld.

For more details, you can check this article: How to Connect to Palworld


Can I change the configuration more than once?

Yes. However, to avoid security issues, it is recommended that you close port 48211 after each configuration change and open it up again before the next time you want to make changes.

What is the Palworld port?

Palworld use the port 8211 to connect. But you can follow the above steps to modify him, which is more recommended and will make your Palworld server more secure.