Palworld Server Hosting, Choose Linux or Windows?

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Currently, LightNode provides 3 types of Application Images for Palworld Server Hosting. One-click installation of Palworld, optimized high-performance memory, and hourly billing, flexible billing, further saving game costs.

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3 Application Images of Palworld Server Hosting:

  1. Palworld: Based on Linux
  2. Palworld Windows: Based on Windows Server 2022(EN)
  3. Palworld with config: Based on Linux, and with a panel, you can configure many Palworld game settings from the Palworld server settings file on the server control panel. Configuration tutorial reference How to modify Palworld configurations with LightNode Palworld server?

The main difference between Palworld servers hosted on Linux and Windows systems is mainly reflected in the different features and management methods of the operating systems. Both platforms have advantages and disadvantages, and which one you choose depends on your specific needs, familiarity with the technology, and budget. Here are some key differentiators:

Palworld Windows Servers vs Palworld Linux Servers

user interface:

Palworld Windows Server Hosting: Provides a graphical user interface (GUI), which is more friendly to users accustomed to Windows environments. Suitable for novices, get started quickly.

Palworld Linux Server Hosting: Although it is also possible to configure a GUI, most Linux servers are managed through a command line interface (CLI), which is more efficient for users familiar with the command line. Suitable for friends with a certain technical foundation.

Game version update:

Palworld Linux Server Hosting: Provides automatic updates, which can be automatically upgraded and updated by turning on and off the computer.

Palworld Windows Server Hosting: The current game version of Palworld Windows Server Hosting is 1.40, you can update it manually according to our tutorial.

Performance and stability:

Palworld Linux Server Hosting: Palworld Linux Server is more stable and efficient when handling high loads, especially when running network services and databases.

Palworld Windows Server Hosting: Although stability has improved in recent years, it is generally higher in resource consumption than Linux.

Operating system cost:

Palworld Windows Server Hosting: Windows type images only support 2c4g and above configuration cloud instance selection.

Customizability and control:

Palworld Linux Server Hosting: Provides extremely high customizability, allowing users to fine-tune services and environments according to their needs.

Palworld Windows Server Hosting: Although it also supports customization, it may not be as flexible as Linux.


Overall, when choosing a Palworld game server hosting platform, you should consider your gaming needs, your team’s skill level, and your budget constraints. For example, if you are dependent on a specific Linux software stack, or if you are looking for a low-cost gaming solution and you and your friends are experienced with Linux environments, Linux may be a better choice. Conversely, if your project requires specific Windows apps or services, or your team is more familiar with a Windows environment, choosing Windows may be more appropriate.

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