How to Edit Windows Palworld Server Setting?

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Windows Palworld Server

Windows Palworld server stands for installing the Palworld server on a Windows operating system. This method is more suitable for those players who are familiar with the graphical user interface, and it is easier to manage the Palworld server, but it should be noted that the Windows operating system itself takes up memory, so it may reduce the number of players acceptable for the game with the same configuration.

Steps for editing Palworld setting with LightNode Windows Palworld server

1. Buy Windows Palworld server hosting from LightNode;

You can buy Windows Palworld server from LightNode console.

2. Connect to the server

You can connect to the server through RDP or ssh tools.

3. Edit Palworld setting file

  • Double-click to open the configuration file on the desktop;

Open configuration file

Paste configuration text

  • Save the file and close it.

4. Restart the Palworld Server

  • Right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager;

Open task manager

  • Locate the Palworld process, right click on it and select End Process, then close the Task Manager;

Cloes Palworld process

  • Double-click to Open the Palworld server on the desktop.

Open Palworld server

  • Close the RDP connect.

If there is an official update to the game, then you will need to follow this procedure once as well, the current version number of the Windows Palworld server provided by LightNode is v0.1.4.0

5. Connect to the Palworld game

Now, the setting is changed, you can enjoy the Palworld. Just connect it. If you don't know how to connect to Palworld server, refer to this article: How to connect to Palworld Server?


What's the different between Linux Palworld server and Windows Palworld server?

Refer to this article: Palworld Server Hosting, Choose Linux or Windows?

Can I change to Linux Palworld server in LightNode?

Yes, we have Palworld images on both Linux and Windows. For Linux Palworld server, we also provide a simple panel to edit Palworld world setting. you can refer to this article: How to modify Palworld configurations with LightNode Palworld server?